XBX Interactive Grand Opening tomorrow.

The event may still be happening tomorrow but since it’s an open invitation(if you tell them ahead) and the place might benefit from more publicity, now might be a good time to announce.  XBX Interactive an Xbox gaming center is opening up tomorrow at the 2F of Burgundy (the building with 7-Eleven right in front of Ateneo). They offer up to 16 Xbox with 60GB built in (I guess that makes them automatically Xbox 360’s) and each one also has their own Xbox Live Gold accounts for online play. The main highlight of the place will be the 2 Rockband VIP Rooms with the whole set and even has their own “RB smoke and light stage  show kits”. I’m not quite sure how that last bit is going to look like but it’ll be exciting to see.


The post from their multiply site says that you’re going to need an invitation so you might need to contact them at [email protected] or you could RSVP to their Facebook Post. Free Party starts tomorrow at Wednesday at 2pm and ends at Thursday 5am. Will definitely post pics and update of the event after it happens. See you guys there!

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