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Xiaomi Comparison: Redmi Note Enhanced, Mi4, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro

Here’s a comparison of Xiaomi’s newest smartphones including the recently launched Mi Note and Mi Note Pro phablets.


Redmi Note Enhanced vs. Mi4 vs. Mi Note vs. Mi Note Pro (Click to enlarge)

Undoubtedly, you’ll see that Mi Note Pro reigns over the other phones in this chart. It’s the only one to have a 4GB RAM, 810 SoC Octa Core, Adreno 430 GPU, and a 2560×1440 resolution. Of course, being that high up means that you have to shell out more as this unit costs 1,000 Yuan more expensive than the next most expensive one, the Mi Note. Mi Note and Mi Note Pro might look the same but inside, the non-pro version has 3GB of RAM, Quad Core, Adreno 330 GPU, 1920×1080 resolution, and only 90mAh less battery capacity. All that for 1,000 Yuan and it might or might not be a factor for some.

On the other hand, the Mi Note and Mi4 has almost the same internals from 3GB RAM to a choice of 16 or 64GB ROM, to using Adreno 330 GPU, having 1920×1080 resolution , 13MP main camera. Their big difference is that the Mi4 has a 5″ screen while Mi Note has 5.7″ screen. Another difference would be the front facing camera as Mi4 has 8MP front facing camera while Mi Note only has 4MP. Mi4 is also the flagship phone of Xaiomi.

Redmi Note Enhanced might be the least performer of them all but at only 899 Yuan. it must be a steal! It’s 1,100 Yuan cheaper than the Mi4 but the specs might not be high enough for some but won’t matter to many.


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