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Yahoo! Mail Beta

I’ve had access to Yahoo! Mail’s beta service since December last year and the first impression I got then was that it’s slow. It’s pretty, but it’s slow. I took it for a spin then using Mozilla Firefox on an Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz with 512MB RAM running Windows XP SP2.

After reading news about Yahoo Mail Beta’s rollout in the UK, I wanted to try it again just to see if performance has improved. And after a few mouse clicks and a couple of keystrokes, it seems to be faster now. Even with 17 tabs open on Mozilla Firefox, response time is very fluid.

I wonder though if the specs of the PC I’m using currently in the office have something to do with the sudden jump in responsiveness. Right now, I’m on an Intel P4 2.8GHz HT machine with 512MB RAM running Windows XP SP2, which isn’t your average PC.

So I’ll have to try it again on my home computer, which has more or less the specs of an average Internet user’s PC.

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