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Yahoo! Mail Beta is now faster, safer and more social

Yahoo! announced recently the improvements they made with their Yahoo! Mail. It’s still in beta but it has a sleek new interface that focuses on a fast and easy navigation, better spam protection and seamless integration to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Yahoo! claims that their Mail Beta is twice as fast as their previous versions. It has been re-architected from the ground up to provide blazing fast performance.


I don’t really notice that big of a difference when using the new beta. In fact, I find the new integrations slowing down my already slow Firefox. I’m thinking it’s a browser thing instead. But I do like what they did with the new interface. Cleaner and easier to navigate around.


According to a 2010 study by Fraunhofer Institute, Yahoo! Mail generates 55% less spam than Gmail and 40% less spam than Live Mail. The new Yahoo! Mail Beta should provide an even better spam-free experience to its users.

I have to test this more. I rarely get spam on my inbox with the previous version so if Yahoo! says it’s much better with the new one then it’s all good for me. I do sometimes find legit mails going to my spam folder every now and then.

More Social

Yahoo! doesn’t want to create another Facebook or Twitter that’s why they seamlessly integrated those two popular social networks on the main page. You can update your status, comment, like, retweet and reply all from within Yahoo! Mail.


Yahoo! Messenger is also included within Yahoo! Mail so you can chat with your friends from within. This is what I like. Since I always have my Yahoo! Mail opened in my browser, I don’t need to login to Yahoo! Messenger anymore.

Get to know more about the new Yahoo! Mail Beta.

Yahoo! also announced their new Messenger Beta which now integrates your Facebook contacts and Facebook chat. It also partnered with casual game developers like omgpop and Zynga to bring some of their games in Yahoo! Messenger.

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