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Yahoo Mail to Start Giving out Unlimited Storage

yahoothumbnail.gifOn the 10th year of Yahoo Mail (formerly Rocketmail), Yahoo promised to offer unlimited email to its subscribers beginning May 2007. John Kremer, Vice President of Yahoo! Mail, announced on the Yahoo blog the fulfillment of that promise. Starting this Month there will be an incremental roll out of unlimited storage to Yahoo Mail accounts. They are assuming that it will take a few months before everybody is upgraded to unlimited storage.

The indicator that your Yahoo Mail account has been upgraded to unlimited is when you don’t see the storage meter anymore when you log-in.

Yet another salvo on the Web App Wars between Google and Yahoo. I wonder what Google’s response will be?

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  • I don’t think storage is too much of an issue to attract users in terms of web mail nowadays — it’s the actual features you have which count.

    Sure, the Yahoo web interface is familiar, but it’s still stuck in the traditional “mailbox” paradigm where you read one mail message at a time.

    Compare that to Google Mail where the features actually makes it easier to use than the traditional Mailbox concept — where you have conversations, and where ads are actually a feature not a nuisance.

    So I guess even if Yahoo does roll out unlimited storage, I’d still like to be able to sort my mail according to labels and read messages like I would when I’m going through the transcript of a conversation. And have very good relevant search results when I actually do search through my mail.

    I don’t think Google needs to do anything in response to Yahoo’s unlimited mail. But I do think it would be cool to have unlimited storage in my Google Mail account as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • well said dean! the only consequence i can think of unlimited storage for Yahoo – more unlimited spam. ๐Ÿ˜€

    it’s like.. the amount of “non spam emails” i have in my Gmail account is close to the amount of spam i get in Yahoo. Isn’t that cool? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • fvpasionjr

    Google might be working towards that as well. On the Google Mail login page, the amount of storage space is shown and you’ll be able to see it increase by 4-5 bytes per second. Total space stands around 2.8 GB at the moment.

  • a feature i’d like to see is the attachment size limit. and maybe access to this unlimited storage via ftp. that way, we can use it as online storage.

    I hope they can do something about spam. I receive about 20 spam per legit email (yahoo). maybe about 7-10/day for gmail.

  • My yahoo email is primarily used for more personal emails nowadays. For heavy email usage, Gmail wins with threaded messages.

  • Funny you said it’s formerly Rocketmail… yes they bought Rocketmail to start Y! Mail, but that was so long ago and the service has changed since then.

    What’s next… with Yahoo! Photos closing down, will Flickr be unlimited uploads and storage as well?

  • Rather than have unlimited storage on emails, I’d rather have yahoo store unlimited number of images via Flickr even if they just resize it to 1024×768.

  • This is great! This is just perfect as my yahoo mailbox is approaching 95% of my 2GB limit. I wonder what they’ll offer for the premium account users though.

    I do hope that GMail will follow and remove the limit as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I thought Gmail has an “Infinity +1” Program…

  • Technically there is no “unlimited” storage, I assume their’s will be the same as Gmail’s offering.

  • jams

    What i like about gmail are the feature they offer.. like pop3 access… on yahoo you don’t have this access…

  • Elaine

    I don’t wanna sound skeptic. But it’s not *that* good for me. “Unlimited” is not a number.

    When someone asks me how much space quota I’m having from web hosting or from my e-mail service, I don’t wanna say it’s “unlimited.” That gets people to thinking. ^^

  • thats nice, my inbox at yahoo is already 90% full hahahaha

  • strat

    Pls help where there is wirless provision in Pavia

    Warmest regards

  • all users can now enjoy unlimited storage check ur accounts now

  • what i really like about gmail is the 3party software available, which it allows a user to access a virtual drive stored in a Gmail e-mail account by causing the contents of the Gmail account to appear as a new network share on the user’s desktop. The add-on enables the user to use the standard Windows desktop file copy and paste commands to transfer files to and from the Gmail account as if it was a drive on the user’s computer. Ibig sabihin yung gmail account ko, ay parang Harddisk ko na rin sa desktop ko. Galing at Legal!

    Dinagdagan pa ang attachment capacity, ngayon 20MB na.