Yahoo! Meme, a Tumblr alternative?

Yahoo! enters the world of microblogging but doesn’t want to challenge notable leaders such as Twitter and Plurk. Instead, it tries to take a piece of the market from not-so microblogging sites such as Tumblr with their Yahoo! Meme service.

Yahoo! Meme

In the world of blogging, a meme means something that is passed from one blogger to another virally. It maybe a short post spread or shared via tagging, retweeting or reposting.

Yahoo! Meme is similar to Tumblr where you can post text, photo, audio or video on your wall. You can follow and be a follower of other Meme users and repost or comment on their memes just like other microblogging services.

The Yahoo! Meme service was launched August of last year and is still in beta right now. The basic features are there but it can still use a lot of improvements. One glaring issue I found is that there’s no way you can edit your meme. You also can’t edit your template which can be a good thing for people who wants to keep it simple and there are already a handful of templates for you to choose from.  

It’s still too early to tell if this service will take off or if it could overtake Tumblr but if you want to be an early adaptor then sign in with your Yahoo! account and start sharing your meme.

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    correction lang po, yung tamang ispeling po ay dapat ‘adopter’ hindi po ‘adaptor’.