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Yahoo! opens its network to Facebook and Google users

If you recently tried to login to your Yahoo! account, you might notice something new in the login page, the ability to login using your Facebook or Google.

width="227"For those of you who wish to use Yahoo! services but don’t want to create a new account, you can now use your Facebook and Google logins. Yahoo extended the use of OpenIDs to the rest of its services where just last year, they allowed Google users to use their login to join Flickr.

By using the open standard and Facebook Connect API, Yahoo! now allows people to experience the world of Yahoo! through their existing online identities. Want to join that Fantasy NBA league but don’t want to create a Yahoo! account? Use your Google account. Or you can use your existing Facebook account to join that Yahoo! group that your friend is bugging you to join. For Yahoo! mail though, you still need to create a username for that @yahoo.com account.

As one of the first large global Internet companies to enable third-party sign-in across its entire network with Facebook and Google, Yahoo! brings adoption and innovation in internet experiences through ease of use to its users whenever and wherever.

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  • Nice, we usually use yahoo for our online class. Now I can use my google. 😀