Yahoo Picks Philippine McDo Fan Blog

A Philippine McDonald’s fan blog made Yahoo! Picks the other day.

Miss McDonald

We know McDonald’s reads fan blogs, so they probably already know she’s gallavanting about with Ronald. Then again, Microsoft Philippines doesn’t even know who Scoble is. Hope McGeorge Food Industries, McDo’s local franchise holder, isn’t clueless enough to slap a TRO on her. 😉

I should invite her to

(Via Steve Rubel.)

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  • coolness!

    a novel, crazy idea which they recognized 🙂

  • Consumer evangelism and cosplay are moving out of the realm of “crazy” and into the realm of “good for business”. 😉

  • cute. and eerie.


    ka edong

  • Now that’s viral… 😀

  • Kilala ko yan! Missed her photo exhibit though.

  • was able to visit her blog a few months back 😀
    she went out on this halloween party last year wearing a McDonald’s costume

  • Here’s what I posted about her in my blog sometime in February this year.

  • Artist talaga yang si ….. .

  • cracker jack

    “a typical consumerist victim succumbing to neo-capitalist cum imperialist icon…”

  • cute nila tingnan.