Yahoo shutting down MyBlogLog this May

Well the inevitable has finally happened. If you’re a member of cross-blog social networking service MyBlogLog, you’ve probably received an e-mail from Yahoo! stating that the service will be terminated on May 24, 2011.


MyBlogLog started in 2005 which serves as an online service for bloggers where they can create their online community that revolves around their blog. In January 27, Yahoo acquired MyBlogLog for more than 10 million dollars. However, it was hinted last December that it’s one of Yahoo’s services that would likely be sold or shut down to cut costs. Included in the list of services that would probably get the ax is Yahoo Buzz which is a competitor of Digg and the popular bookmarking site, Delicious.

Through the popular MyBlogLog widget, it’s easy for other bloggers to find blogs of the same niche and thus, join the community. It’s also a good way to know who among MyBlogLog users have visited your site that would eventually lead to discovery of other blogs for you or your readers. It’s pretty helpful really and it’s too bad that a good service will be shut down.

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  • hehe, cute ng grave. why oh why they’re shutting down, madami naman gumagamit ng service na yun. too bad

  • and what’s more sad is all the dofollow backlinks there will be gone šŸ™

  • anonymous

    didn’t even know that such a site existed.