Yehey Beta

And so Yehey finally goes the beta route, with a change of interface. The new look is a lot cleaner, cooler and easier on the eyes. But it somewhat reminds me of Yahoo. There’s an option to switch to Full Mode that shows Yehey’s portal content, much like how the frontpage used to look like. It even has a new tagline – pinoy ‘to p’re.

You can search the Web, News and Archives. The Web Search is enhanced by Google. The News Search returns results from major dailies, but there seems to be a preference for Philstar articles. The Archive Search returns results of articles posted on Yehey’s channels, some of which have been syndicated from Manila Times and Manila Standard.

There’s a newsbar that reminds me of Gmail‘s web clips. Of course, the Yehey Directory is still there. And finally, Yehey Mail seems to be working already.

Just like most new things on the web, there are bugs. The Sign In button points to a server that doesn’t exist. Some of the search results point to dead links. Hopefully, these bugs are gone within this week.

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  • Something simple they lack to update to “web 2.0.” Their corporate blog.

  • wrencelot

    just because they changed they page design that doesnt mean they are web2.0.. i must admit the website i made homepagekoto is not actually a web2.0.. it looks like it is but it is not.. and if you actually try their simple survey, itll give you an error 500.. yeah i know still in beta but its just a survey.. sheesh..

  • Is the current the new beta site? If not can i ask for a URL? 🙂

    but, it is Web 2.0 by using the Google Web Service 😀

  • I think they really love Apple’s UI and Yahoo’s UI. ;D

  • While ceding search to Google was a dumb thing for Yahoo to do, it’s a smart thing for Yehey to do.