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You can now register and pay for an NBI Clearance online

It’s a sign of great things to come: The National Bureau of Invesigation (NBI) officially launched yesterday its online clearance registration system, aiming to reduce the time spent on line queues. From six steps, the NBI onine system reduces it to three, making it easy for all to get their much-needed document. The system was softly launched on a pilot test earlier this year before being fully implemented and opened for the public.


We were able to try it out yesterday, and it was as easy as it could get. First, one has to log on to their website (http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/) using a computer and register, filling out all necessary personal information. From there, they must select the purpose why an NBI clearance is needed. Registrants can also select their appointment date and venue for easier access.


Once all of those have done, registrants can choose on a number of payment options to faciliate the transaction. Customers from banks with online banking such as BPI, BDO, EastWest, Metrobank, RCBC, Unionbank, and more cna pay online, or offline at banks and payment centers such as Bayad Center and LBC. They can also pay through ATM machines and debit cards, or use a mobile payment system such as G-Cash.

Once you have paid, all you need to do is to proceed to your appointment at the date and time specified for photo capture and fingerprinting biometrics. Keep in mind to bring your transaction slips as proof that you have already paid your fees. After being cleared, your paper is now ready to be printed. The system is a lot easier and faster when we have tried it out, and we were only able to get through the whole transaction is less than ten minutes.


For those who don’t have any PCs at home, NBI has stationed e-registration areas at their main office in Manila for everyone to use without any charge. The government agency will soon roll out more e-registration areas at their regional and district offices.

“The new NBI clearance system is a step towards improving the service of the NBI provides the various public. In fact, there has been significant improvements and positive feedback since the full implementation of the system earlier this year,” NBI Director Virgilio Mendez remarked.

Have you tried the new NBI e-registration system? Give us your thoughts about it.

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