Your (corporate) mail, hosted by Google?

Googling Google examined the GMail JavaScript code and speculates that the next big thing for the search giant’s email service is mail hosting.

This is how it is “supposed” to work:

After deciding to use GMail as a mail server, the first step would be to add an MX record pointing to in the DNS for a domain “” effectively routing email directly to Google for it. … There will be a tab to manage domains “” giving (users) the ability to link domain(s) to (their) account.

The post goes on to mention that Yahoo! has its own mail-hosting service for small businesses, so Google might be going in the same direction. The only snag, I think, in this service is the p-word: will there be an agreement that safeguards the subscriber from being subject to Google’s crawlers (seeing as how Google keeps track of your searches, mails, and now, chats)?

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