ZTE MF30 Pocket Wi-Fi Spotted

While having brunch at McDonalds in Paseo Center together with a client; he showed me a rather familiar Pocket Wi-fi device which is exactly similar to Huawei E5. It’s ZTE MF30 which is bundled with Smart Prepaid Broadband available at P3,800.00 for subscribers.

ZTE MF30 Wi-Fi router is good for 3G mobile Internet with which can be used as an access point (AP). It also acts as a WiFi router so that WiFi enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, netbooks, laptops, PSP and your Wifi enabled phones can connect to the internet from it.


Here are exclusive photos taken by Digitalspidey.

This is also offered as a postpaid plan for P450 a month which is good for 50 hours a month with a lock-in period of 24 months.

The prepaid price compared to E5 is really enticing. The Huawei E5 is used to be available for about P5,999.00 (Openline). The prepaid version which can be purchased from telcos is about P4,500.00. The catch is, if you buy it from the telcos, it is locked; you can not interchange SIM in case you’re having difficulty getting signal in an area.

The ZTE MF30 can also serve up to 5 wireless devices like the Huawei E5. The only difference from Huwaei E5 is that MF30 comes with a charger while the E5 only has a USB cable.

Here is a side by side photo of ZTE MF30 and Huwaei E5.


More photos of MF30 are here. There is a back to back post at DigitalSpidey.

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  • macky

    what is the available speed?no hsdpa?

    • 3G lang no hsdpa. 5mbps max na ata 3G ng smart which is actually good already.

  • I am actually using this right now and I must say I am satisfied with the device – I can even play League of Legends using the ZTE MF30 without any latency issues (unless the connection starts to choke)

    • roxanne

      hi ..do you know how to put a password to this device?…thanx

  • icreate

    Im now having problem with ZTE MF30 battery no longer charging after 6 months of use. Gonna try to call suncellar to possible battery replacement wish me luck 🙂

    • Cathy

      Hi, any news on the battery not charging? also happened to my friend’s ZTE MF60, after about a month’s use.

  • roxanne

    how to put a password to this device?..

  • Robertjohn Azul

    Bakit po ayaw mag green ng up and down? Meron po ba kayong idea kung pano maayos yun? Pls.help’

  • Battery of ZTE sucks BIG TIME ! Easily gets drained then die, prematurely. : (

    • Colin

      The Sun ZTE MF pocket modem has serious battery problems. After countless apparent overheating problems, and so many complaints to Sun, all disregarded or with the usual “its your PC settings problem”, trying to get rid of the complaint and saying its my fault, I eventually tried a proprietary battery. That appears to have solved the problem. Sun is selling an inferior battery product and has no interest in solving the problem. All my emails confirm that. They don’t care. Sun customer service is one of the worse I have experienced in the Philippines. Don’t buy Sun!!!!!

      • CK

        Oh shocks. I'm having battery problems with my SUN Wifi Broadband MF30M (if I'm not mistaken). Kakabili ko lang siya.
        -__- SANA lang di mangyari saken yung nangyari sa'yo. :(((

  • pauldiapz

    mga bossing, alam nyo po ba ang default password ng wifi network ng smart pocket wifi… kasi d gumagana akin eh.. haizt… nakalimutan q… anu ho ba ang default.. thanks.