Zune HD Video Preview

The Microsoft Zune HD I ordered from Amazon two weeks ago just arrived this week-end. The black 16GB model was priced at only $219.99 or Php10,500. See the preview video demo below:

HD Radio ““ the Zune has an integrated HD Radio receiver so you can tune in to HD radio content.

HD Video Out ““ supports 720p HD movies via the AV Dock (dock sold separately).

Touchscreen ““ the Zune HD has multi-touch navigation, a 3.3-inch screen and 16:9 OLED display (480×272 pixel resolution) screen

Check out more photos and why I paid less than Php900 to ship it to the Philippines here.

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  • Microsoft did an outstanding job with this media device. It is far sleeker than my iPod touch. Having used an ipod touch, the interface and the features on the Zune HD are far better. You get impressive features on the Zune. HD radio sounds great. OLED Screen is fantastic. The device is extremely light and very well built. Battery life is great as well. I have no complaints about this device. I purchased it with the dock, and man does the picture look great on my TV. The Zune outputs videos without any problems or hesitation. Truly a great device. I highly recommend and definitely recommend that you play around with it for yourself, because pictures truly don’t do it justice.

  • seriously

    hey.. do u happen to know if this will come out in the Philippines? I have the brown 30 gig and I really want this HD. I’ve been drooling over it since forever. Or do I have to order online too? Thanks!

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  • I don’t think if this gadget will introduce here in the Philippines…

  • Wow,,, I love to have this one too…

  • Dennis Aquino

    Zune HD 32GB or new gen iTouch 32GB? Looking for a new media player to replace my archos which compared to these 2 is not exactly portable. My needs include listening to music, watching videos, occasional surfing. Price is not a factor.Which would give a better experience?

    • Ceasare

      you should get the zune hd. everybody has an ipod touch. you’ll love the OLED display but it’s hard to see when you’re under the sun. sound quality is also better with the zune, i’m a zune owner myself, bought one last year at the Itech store at Market Market, Taguig.