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Zynga Plots Farmville App on the iPhone

width="300"Farmville for iPhone app has just landed on the App Store. If you’re an iPhone user and a Farmville player on Facebook, you might want to grab the app now. It’s a free app and offers the basic features of the online game.

Alright, to be honest I’ve never played Farmville on Facebook before. I just couldn’t dig it. But for the purpose of checking out the iPhone app, I downloaded the app on my iPhone and signed up.

Quite surprisingly for first time Farmville player like me, the app was not that hard to learn how to play. You can pick up with the game the moment you create your account. I’m not really sure whether you can use your existing Farmville account and then sync it up with the iPhone app.

At any rate, the app loads fast even if my iPhone was running on 3G. Speaking of 3G, be cautious when playing Farmville for iPhone as it is still an online game. Your iPhone will be eating up data charges.

You may download Farmville for iPhone from here. Have fun and enjoy farming!

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